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BK117 Specifications

  • Twin Lycoming LTS-101-850 (850 horsepower each)

  • Fitted with Stryker EMS stretcher Kit

  • 600 lb (272kg) Breeze Eastern Variable Speed 250ft Winch

  • Direction Finder is a DF-88A Emergency Beacon Corp

  • Garmin 760 GPS

  • TracPlus Rockair flight tracking

  • Sliding Doors both sides for open SAR platform

  • Standard Fuel Load = 2.0 hrs Operational Flight Time

  • Cruise Speed = 120 kts IAS per hr (222 kph)

  • Max Seating = 9 PAX (including the Pilot, crewman, ICP and patient)

  • Compatible comms with Tower, Ambulance, Fire, DOC, RCC, Hospital

  • EAM Off-shore Life Raft

  • Traffic Collision Avoidance System through LYNX L3 NGT 9000

  • Transponder

  • Night Vision Goggles Anvis 9

  • External hold integrated oxygen system


The twin-engine BK117 provides the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust with a rescue machine that can be reconfigured for a number of role specific missions.
Operational response capability:

  • Emergency air ambulance response

  • Search and rescue – marine, off-shore

  • Search and rescue – alpine

  • Winch operations

  • Night operations

  • Inter-hospital transfers

  • Beacon & EPIRB Searches (121.500 Mhz)

  • Rapid AOS / SAR / Fire Team Deployment




Your Helicopter

24 / 7 / 365

Rescue Ready

Armed with life-saving equipment, rescue personnel and trauma-trained medics, the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter is a vital emergency resource for the region. When a call is made to the emergency 111 line, the EACC (Emergency Ambulance Communication Centre) assess the nature of the emergency and determine what services are required.
The missions are extremely varied and when a call comes – day or night – we are ready to respond.

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